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A Clean Exterior Helps Your Home Sell

If you’re considering or are in the midst of selling your home, do yourself a favor by having Lakeshore Exterior Cleaning let the outside of your home present itself in its best condition. A house with a clean roof, siding, driveway, patio and windows is sure to have a huge advantage over comparable homes that are on the market in your area.

A power wash by Lakeshore Exterior Cleaning will remove grime, slime and tree droppings from your roof. It will clear your driveway of stains from oil, tire tracks and snow salt. Your patio—especially of it can be used for entertaining—will be greatly enhanced after remnants of outside elements have been washed away. And if your house has siding, the house itself will stick out (in a good way!) from all the others.

That being said, here are other reasons to let a power wash make your home and property look pristine in a way that will attract buyers.

  • It will immediately increase its curb appeal. Prospective buyers driving by it won’t immediately rule it out.

  • A home with property in need of a cleaning puts it at a competitive disadvantage because its less-than-ideal condition is so obvious to prospective buyers. A home's interior could be stellar, but if the outside looks bad, prospective buyers will probably not even both walking in the front door.

  • Your poorly presented home will likely force you to drop your selling price, probably by thousands. The home appearance will easily and surely become a negotiating point in a home's price if there are crucial aspects of the interior of your home -- say, a costly electrical or plumbing system upgraded -- that needs attention first.

  • Your lowered price will displease your surrounding homeowners because it will make your neighborhood seem less desirable and therefore knock down their asking price if or when they want to sell.

Lakeshore Exterior Cleaning is in a class of its own in quality and customer satisfaction. Call Lakeshore so they can explain how they can make your home and property stand out from the rest. Reach them at 616-294-0120. Lakeshore looks forward to hearing from you!

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